Windsong Private Equity (“WPE”) focuses on branded middle-market businesses in the consumer sector. We target private and public investments in primarily US companies with enterprise values between $10 and $300 million. We focus on investing in growth and restructuring opportunities where the Windsong team has significant operational knowledge and experience. In addition to providing capital, we strive to bring our extensive "intellectual capital" from nearly 60 transactions across the consumer spectrum, including, apparel, footwear, home, sporting goods, personal care, beauty, health, wellness, nutrition and beverage.

Investment Mandate

We believe that consumer trends around health, wellness, and fitness have fundamentally shifted consumer habits and created significant investment opportunities across three distinct themes; active lifestyle, fitness and health, and beauty and wellness. These opportunities have arisen from a strong desire among most individuals to live a more balanced, healthy life.  Technology and information availability have provided the tools to catalyze these changes at an accelerated rate.  Consumers crave information to help them with their purchasing decisions.  WPE seeks to invest with brands and businesses that focus on these macro long-term trends that cater to loyal consumers focused on leading balanced lifestyles, focused on both physical and mental well-being..